Haim Ischakis, an experienced multilingual tour guide and renowned cantor, specialized in the history of Jewish presence in Greece, invites you to discover the oldest Jewish Communities of the Diaspora, in a most beautiful country, birthplace of western civilization and cradle of democracy.

Learn about a different branch of Judaism than Sephardim and Ashkenazim: The unrevealed Romaniote Jews, who still live in some communities of the Greek mainland. Visit well preserved, majestic Synagogues that testify the glory of the past, when in Greece lived more than 150.000 Jews.

Discover impressive Holocaust memorials and pre-war Jewish neighborhoods, as well as very interesting cemeteries, with tombstones dating from the 14th century.

A fascinating mixture, which combines the richest Jewish heritage in Europe with the indisputable natural beauty of Greece. Don’t miss it!! Book early to ensure availability! Jewish Heritage Tours Greece

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Let us arrange your son’s/daughter’s Bar/Bat-Mitzvah in the Synagogue of your ancestors, or organize your wedding ceremony on the Greek island of your choice!

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