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Athens and Chalkis 1 Day Tours

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Did you know that the Jewish Diaspora began from Greece in the 6th century BCE, just after the destruction of Solomon’s Temple?
Did you know that the first-ever translation of the Jewish Scriptures was into Greek? And that there are a lot of Hebrew words, still used to this day, like “bema” or “tik” that are derived directly from Ancient Greek?one day jewish tours greece

Learn all there is to know about the unknown Romaniote Jews: Their habits, their traditions, and their history, throughout the long years of their presence in Greece. Discover the rich heritage of Greek Jews, the major role they played in Greece’s social and economic life until WW2, and how today, although reduced to about 4.000 souls, the Greek Jewish community is always present, and continues to enrich the country’s everyday life and culture.

Our One Day Jewish heritage tours, will enable you to get acquainted with the Greek Jews’ dynamic past, as well as with their meaningful present.

The choices we offer are :

1/ One Day tour of Jewish Athens, capital city of Greece, where the majority of the Greek Jews, Holocaust survivors and their descendants, live today, and
2/ One day tour of Chalkis, capital of the beautiful island of Evia, where the oldest Jewish community registered in Europe still exists today.

Both tours will be guided by a native Romaniote day jewish tours greece